Otchłań is a ‘fictive’, an alter who is a fictional character created for a specific purpose, rather than a person in their own right.

Her natural form is a bipedal red fox, with a single tail. Unlike most red foxes, her tailtip is white rather than dark brown, and the outsides of her ears are dark brown. Her eyes are a warm amber. Otchłań’s other forms are a human with kitsune-iro (fox-colour) hair and a quadrupedal red fox. She can sometimes be found accompanied by a wolf-sized, quadrupedal red fox. This fox appears to be entirely mundane, aside from his unusual size.

In addition to shapeshifting, Otchłań is also capable of illusion magic and disguise. Sometimes, she can even branch out in to other varieties of magic, e.g. time manipulation or healing.